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Aveda Light the Way Candle



For a limited time only!

Give yourself and those you love an Earth Month candle before they sell out.
•Rich and spicy aroma of certified organic vanilla and cinnamon grown in Madagascar
•100% of the purchase price helps protect water for animals, kids and the environment you love*

*100% of the $12 suggested retail price supports Global Greengrants Fund water-related projects.

Our First Annual Christmas Party!

SalonPromoFlyer SINGLE

We’re gearing up for our 1st Annual Christmas Party, and we’d like to invite all of our Facebook friends to join! We’ll have Special musical guests Go Get Gone playing with lots of dancing space, a 50/50 raffle, food, beverage, and a toy drive for Toys For Tots! For every toy you bring, you’ll receive $10 off your next service, and you’ll be helping to bring joy to a child’s holiday.
So mark your calenders– Saturday, Dec. 14th from 6-9:30!

Brazilian Blowout, BLOWOUT!


(Top right, Before! Left, After! Bottom Right, an after with a testimony!)

  We LOVE the Brazilian Blowout, and so do our clients! This week, we’ve been asked by several of you what all the hype is about, so here I am to explain it to you! Each of our clients who receive a Brazilian Blowout treatment walk away instantly addicted. If one person in the salon is receiving the treatment, everyone else in the salon who hasn’t, wants it.

The Brazilian Blowout isn’t a straightening treatment– it’s a smoothing treatment. The difference?

When we’re talking about a smoothing treatment vs. a straightening, there are a few misconceptions. For example, if you have curly hair and receive a STRAIGHTENING treatment… you will not have your natural curl anymore (until it grows out). With a SMOOTHING treatment, it smooths each hair to eliminate puff, frizz, and unruliness. If you have curly hair, you’ll be able to straighten it easier, AND wear your natural curl– but with less puff! The dry time is cut down by 75%, and your style lasts longer in our Florida humidity! The minute you leave the salon, you can wash and air dry your hair, workout, put your hair in a ponytail or clip and it will be smooth, frizz-free and radiant!

Typically, our clients will pre-book every 12 weeks for the service to be done and you can even have your color touched up the same day as your Brazilian Blowout! The Brazilian Blowout will actually help make your color last longer, by protecting it from fading.

Have more questions? Comment below, or call us 819.0130 and we’ll answer all of your questions!

Hair Color: Box vs Salon

Color Correction!

As much as we love seeing these on our appointment book, it breaks our hearts when we see the bathroom color mistakes caused by the desire to save a dollar.  In this world, companies are out to make money and use famous faces in commercials to make their product seem more appealing and trustworthy. I am here to tell you now, my reader, that Beyonce does not use that box dye which she get paid millions to promote. Rita Hazan, based out of  New York, is her hair stylist and definitely does not use Feria.

One of the biggest questions people have about color is, “what’s the difference between your color and box color?”… and if you’ve asked this question, you may have heard many different answers which were unimpressive or they were too technical for you to understand.

Let’s break it down!



Here we have a teenage client who has been seen by Savannah for quite a few years. Typically, a medium highlight service is preformed… but one morning, our said guest wanted to go lighter all over. A friend of hers exclaimed that she had gone to hair school and could help her get to her desired color  for much cheaper than if she came into the salon. A box of  “lightest blonde” was purchased, and applied with a bottle. When it came time to rinse, her scalp was burning (later found that the box color had caused bleeding) and she was now sporting  a color we call “blorange”… also known as the most undesirable tone of blonde.

What really makes salon grade color any different from box dyes?

If you’ve been in our salon, you’ve noticed how extensive our color bar is; we have MASK, MASK Lite, A New Colour, L’Art lightners, as well as MASK’s lightner and A New Colour’s lightner (all Davines). Each line has special talents, and when were evaluating your hair, asking you questions as well as feeling, we’re determining which line you would benefit from the most. If a guest brings us a picture and tells us “I WANT THIS COLOR”, there are *s e v e r a l * formulations which can be used to achieve that color– it all depends on the hair it’s being used on.

Box dye’s are not customizable. They show you a picture of what color is in the box, and that’s what you’ll get… right? If you’ve colored your hair at home, you know this only holds true MAYBE the first time you apply it. But why? Think of your hair as a sponge; if some spots are drier than others, those spots will absorb more. Metallic salts have been used in hair color since the 1800’s, and are an agent that assists the color in attaching itself to the hair. Not only that, but it causes the hair to become dry… but not evenly. The end result is usually lighter at the roots, fading to dark.

Why does this happen?

Without giving any of our professional secrets away, application is key; as you can see in the picture, the closest to the scalp is lighter than the rest of it. When dealing with the desire to achieve any color, you must take many factors into account; porosity (remember the sponge analogy?), condition, medications, etc etc. The head also expels heat, so the color closest to the scalp will typically process faster and cause a myriad of extra fun tones (we call these “hot roots”).



Hair color should be respected. For something that is changing the entire molecular structure of your hair, it is more than just the goop you can apply in your bathroom to give you that bombshell red you’ve been wanting. When used improperly, such as the above guest, it can cause burns and abrasions to your skin. Have you ever felt like your ‘root’ area is growing faster than you think your hair is? That’s because your hair is breaking off. The mixture of dehydrating metallic salts, as well as the high amounts of ammonia create the perfect cocktail of hair destruction. Not to mention the destruction of your bank account if something were to go terribly wrong!



I truly hope that this has helped answer any questions you may have had! Salon Zellanova likes to stay up to date on hair technology, and we’re always here to help educate our guests. If you have any more questions, please comment below and we’ll respond quickly.




We LOVE transformations!

Happy Friday!
We’ve been super busy changing the lives of our guests, that we’ve neglected the blog for a bit… but we’re back!
Last week, we had quite a few of you come in for some fall change… but we also had a couple who just needed a complete transformation.


Tis the season to break away from summer blonde! A nice strawberry blonde works well with fair skin and blue eyes.




A new client, searching for something that would make her look refreshed. Look at that shine!

Color2013, Nashville!

A few weeks ago, Nancy had the FABULOUS opportunity to attend COLOR2013; a major learning event with some of the hair industries most innovative colorists. The conference was hosted by, a website which caters to the beauty industry by offering online tools and classes. Also known as BTC, they are also hosts of the yearly Premier Orlando beauty convention which premiers the latest trends, products, and color technologies, while also offering a myriad of extended education courses.

Being that we are a Davines exclusive salon, we were excited to hear that Angelo Seminara would be there! Angelo is Davines’ Artistic Director, and has showcased many of the inspiring looks which we’ve used as inspiration for many of our guests! Edoardo Paludo, Davines’ Creative Color Ambassador, was also present to display new color collections which illuminated the stage.

This was such a great opportunity for the salon and we’re so thrilled to be able to use what Nancy has learned to continue to create beautiful hair for our guests.

A big, gigantic, beautiful ‘thank you’ to Amy Smith for the opportunity for Nancy to attend!



Yes, I know it’s Thursday… we’ve been busy!

This is a really special transformation! Our guest pictured below suffers from Alopecia Areta, which is a type of  hair loss that occurs when your immune system mistakenly attacks hair follicles. The damage to the follicle is usually not permanent, but the regrowth of hair can be sparse and patchy. She’s kept her hair clippered, up until the last year where she had been growing it out. Well, it is the season of change! This beautiful mama decided that it was time to cut it all off, but wanted more of a shape… and color!  To ease her into the color world, being that she hadn’t had her hair colored since she was 13(!), we used our A New Color which is ammonia free.

She looks younger, refreshed, and simply FABULOUS!




Here is another transformation which we LOVE! Fall is our favorite time of the year; everyone becomes more adventurous with exploring the world of deeper color tones! We love our clients!

image (2)

The Salon!

For those of you who haven’t had a chance to come in for a visit, I present to you a few shots of what our salon looks like!


Our corner stylist stations, currently inhabited by Candice and Savannah!


While your hair color is processing, you’ll be given the opportunity to receive a complementary foot soak!

We also use this room for eyebrow shaping, as well as other waxing services.


A great view of  where the magic happens.


Our clients love the Davines color bar!


We’ve saved the best for last!

I introduce to you our Spa Lounge! It’s not just a room– it’s an experience.



The leaves aren’t the only colors changing!

Yesterday, we did quite a few seasonal color changes on some lovely ladies!

They traded in their summer blondes for warmer fall colors, and we think they look stunning.




Flamboyage fever!

Here’s Kate during her processing! We’re so excited!